Loring & Associates, PLLC, is a value-driven law firm that is committed to providing assistance with estate and business planning and to finding solutions to questions and challenges regarding domicile. The law firm is endorsed by the Escapees RV Club


Estate Planning

Estate planning is a multi-layered process that involves a significant amount of energy, thought, and oftentimes the need to engage in uncomfortable—but invaluable—conversations about your assets and your future should you become unable to care for yourself. 

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Domicile Consulting

While there is no one universally accepted definition of the word "domicile," court opinions and laws often define domicile as where one “intends” to permanently return. Intentions are often ambiguous, and they may change over time. A court tasked with determining your intentions would have great latitude and discretion to examine almost any factor and circumstance connected with the manner in which you are living your lifestyle in order to determine your intention to domicile in a particular county and state. 

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Business Strategies

Business planning includes establishing the legal entity of the business and providing the stewards of that business with a roadmap for its future. A meticulously written business plan takes into consideration the financial, marketing, and operational objectives for the business.

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